Where to go for Children’s Foot Problems in Perth

Where to go for Children’s Foot Problems in Perth

Podiatry for Children in Perth

Children’s foot problems are a common presentation in Perth podiatry clinics and can begin in the early years of life. Foot problems can range from acute sports injuries to more complex structural problems present from birth. When having your child’s feet assessed, it is important to see a specialist podiatrist with experience in paediatric foot problems who can accurately diagnose and treat their problem. Here we will discuss some common children’s foot problems treated in Perth.


Ingrown Toenails in Perth

Ingrown toenails are one of the most common children’s foot problems and can occur due to ill-fitting footwear, poor nail cutting technique, hygiene, or inherited nail shape. The edge of the nail pressing into the adjacent skin can cause pain, swelling and sometimes even infection. Ingrown toenails do sometimes require a procedure to treat them, however most can be treated and prevented with advice on nail cutting technique and clearing of the edge of the nail. Please click here for information on ingrown toenail surgery in Perth that we offer.


Plantar warts in Perth

Plantar warts are particularly common in children and occur due a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This causes a growth of tissue that is non-cancerous however can cause pain and discomfort. Plantar warts occur on the bottom of the foot and tend to cause more discomfort due to repeated pressure on the area when walking.  Warts can usually be resolved with treatment by a Podiatrist, however resistant infection sometimes requires surgical removal if the pain is affecting day-to-day life.


Heel Pain in Children

Heel pain can occur at any stage of life, however the cause of heel pain in children is different to the cause in adults. The most common cause of pain in children is a condition called Sever’s disease, whereby discomfort occurs around the area of the growth plate in the heel. Symptoms often ease with time, however several interventions such as stretching and strengthening, footwear modifications, orthotics and activity modifications can significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of pain in children.


Flat Feet in Children

Flat feet in children can not only cause pain in the feet and ankles, altered biomechanics can result in issues with the knees, hips and lower back. Flat feet should be assessed by an experienced podiatrist or podiatric surgeon in Perth and appropriate intervention discussed. This may differ depending on your child’s age, weight and activity level. Some children may need a prescription for specialised supportive footwear, others may require orthotic support or in extreme cases, rolling in of the foot or ‘pronation’ can be limited by placing a small implant into the hind foot. Please click here for information on hyprocure flatfoot correction in Perth that we offer.


To summarise, children’s foot problems in Perth can be just as complex as those occurring in the adult population, and assessment by an experienced practitioner is imperative to good clinical outcomes for your child.


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