Recovery from Morton’s Neuroma Surgery in Perth

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Recovery from Morton’s Neuroma Surgery in Perth

Morton’s Neuroma in Perth

Morton’s neuroma is a common issue affecting the digital nerve in the forefoot which
produces pain, numbness and/or shooting or tingling sensations. Morton’s neuroma surgery in Perth is aimed at decreasing pain associated with the condition through surgical removal of the damaged nerve.

The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes and is performed through a small
incision on the top of the foot. When considering surgical treatment for Morton’s
neuroma in Perth, it is important to understand what to expect during recovery. Below are some
common questions from our patients considering having surgery for Morton’s neuroma.

Can I walk after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

Our patients can weight bear immediately after surgery in a splinted post-operative shoe.
During the first week after surgery, we recommend only spending 5-10 minutes per hour on
your feet, with the rest of the time spent resting with your foot elevated.

Is Morton’s neuroma surgery painful?

A long acting local anaesthetic is used during the procedure which means the foot will be
numb often until the next day. Our patients report very minimal pain levels following
Morton’s neuroma surgery. You will be provided with adequate pain relief, however most
people find they only need to take it in the first couple of days after surgery.

How much activity can I do during my recovery?

You should cease all strenuous physical activity during your recovery until approval has been
given by your surgeon to recommence activity. During the first two weeks you are
permitted to walk only, after which time your progress will be assessed before allowing you
to gradually return to physical activity.

Time required off work after surgery for Morton’s neuroma?

People who work in a seated office job can generally return to work at 1-2 weeks post-
surgery, however those who have more physically demanding jobs may require 2-4 weeks
off work. Your job requirements will be discussed prior to undergoing surgery and you will
be given as estimate of time required off work.

Scarring after surgery for Morton’s neuroma

The incision for Morton’s neuroma surgery is only 1-2cm long, meaning you are left with
very minimal scarring. People who are at risk or have had previous keloid or hypertrophic
scarring can reduce their risk by notifying the surgeon beforehand, so that alternate suture
techniques can be implemented. It may also be recommended to you to use a silicone based
scar cream after surgery. Other options are also available to reduce painful or raised scars
should this rare problem arise.

If you have further questions regarding Morton’s Neuroma surgery and it’s recovery, please
visit our website and ask away on our FAQ page

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Disclaimer: This blog is intended for general information purposes only. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.