When podiatric surgery might be necessary

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When podiatric surgery might be necessary

If your foot problem has not responded to treatments provided by other health professionals, we recommend seeing our Podiatric Surgeon Dr Andrew Knox for opinion. Dr Knox is registered as a Specialist in Australia and is the best qualified person to offer advice on what surgical and non-surgical treatment methods are available for your foot problem.

We find that many patients only find our practice details out of sheer frustration, after trialling years of unsuccessful conservative treatments. This is contrary to best practice, which would suggest that early Specialist opinion from a Podiatric Surgeon may significantly reduce the potential for unnecessary treatments and cost to the patient.

As part of your Specialist appointment with Dr Knox, your foot problem may require a number of examinations including a detailed history of the problem, clinical assessment, radiographic evaluation, biomechanical tests and screening of your general health and medical fitness. In most cases a diagnosis and management plan can be provided on the day, however in some cases patients will require further tests to be performed such as MRI or input from another medical specialist.

You do not require referral to see a Podiatric Surgeon, however it is helpful if a summary of your previous treatment history or scans (e.g. x-rays) can be provided at the time of your appointment.

Book an appointment with Dr Andrew Knox for a review of your unresolved podiatry concerns to discuss how we can improve your foot and ankle health. Book online through HealthEngine here.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for general information purposes only. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.