Morton’s neuroma surgery Perth – does it work?

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Morton’s neuroma surgery Perth – does it work?

Morton’s neuroma is a common cause of pain in the forefoot, and ultimately makes wearing tight, or even normal width footwear painful. It can also become difficult to stand comfortably at work, or at home, as well as enjoy exercise and recreational activities. So what is Morton’s neuroma? and how do we treat it?

Morton’s neuroma is a condition affecting nerve tissue in the forefoot, often resulting in thickening of the outer sheath and the development of fibrous tissue. Many theories have been proposed as to what causes the development of Morton’s neuroma, however to date, health practitioners still remain unsure as to how exactly the problem comes about.

The treatment for Morton’s neuroma often depends on a few factors; how long the problem has been present, how painful it is, the amount of required standing or walking in your work and personal life, and the level and type of physical activity you currently do, or would like to undertake.

Simple non-invasive treatments are usually first line for Morton’s neuroma. This involves things like footwear changes and use of orthotic devices in shoes. When pain is impacting on everyday life, Morton’s neuromas may also be treated with injections of steroid medication, alcohol, or radiofrequency ablation. The choice of injection technique often comes down to personal preference, availability and cost of treatment, and is best discussed with a trusted healthcare provider.

Where conservative treatment fails to relieve pain associated with Morton’s neuroma, surgical management can be considered. Recent evidence suggests that injection therapies and operative management provide the best outcomes for patients, with surgery resulting in even better outcomes than injections. A recent systematic review found a 94% success rate in patients undergoing Morton’s neuroma excision and decompression of the interspace at the forefoot, compared with 48% of patients having success with conservative treatment.

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