How much do Orthotics Cost in Perth?

How much do Orthotics Cost in Perth?

Cost of orthotics in Perth

Orthotics are therapeutic devices prescribed by podiatrists that are worn inside shoes to control biomechanical abnormalities and relieve foot pain and pressure. Orthotics in Perth can be ‘off the shelf’ which is a pre-made device with no special modifications to suit the individual, or can be custom made. Custom made orthotics are specifically designed to prescription measurements taken by a podiatrist and are moulded to suit the shape of the arch profile. This allows for a much better overall fit and increased comfort for the wearer. Many different health professionals in Perth do sell orthotics to the public, however podiatrists are the most suitably qualified practitioners to provide this treatment due to their extensive training in the anatomy and biomechanics of the feet. 


Custom made orthotics Perth

Perth Podiatric Surgery uses the latest in 3D orthotic scanning technology to ensure precision in the overall fit of the orthotics. At your appointment, an image of both feet is captured using a 3D camera and a biomechanical examination is undertaken including analysis of your gait and range of motion examination. Modifications to the 3D impressions of your feet are then made based on the measurements taken by the podiatrist and a prescription is prepared. Orthotics take approximately 1 week to be manufactured, at which time you will return for a fitting appointment.

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Orthotics in Perth can be made to suit a variety of different type of shoes, from sneakers, boots to sandals. They are made from either a semi-rigid plastic polypropylene or EVA material, or carbon fibre. In either way, the materials are fairly durable and will generally last several years before they may need to be refurbished or replaced. We recommend your orthotics are reviewed on an annual basis by the podiatrist in order to ensure optimum control and function is being provided. Sometimes small changes are need be made periodically to maintain proper correction as feet can change over time. 


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The total cost of custom orthotics at Perth Podiatric Surgery will vary according to what you specifically require to be made. Generally costs for the orthotics are billed over a period of several appointments, which are divided into 1. your initial consultation with biomechanical examination and 3D digital scanning, 2. manufacture of orthotics and an orthotic fitting appointment and 3. a progress review appointment with the podiatrist. If further modifications are required to your orthotics during the first 3 months of treatment there are no additional costs incurred.


REBATES FOR orthotics IN Perth

All private health insurers provide rebates on custom made orthotics, and generally cover about 50% of costs for the manufacture of the devices. Patient’s are therefore only required to pay ‘the gap’ on their orthotics, as most of the cost is rebatable on-the-spot via HICAPS.


The below item numbers can be provided to your health fund in order to determine what rebate you will be eligible to receive.

HBF Members:

F014 Subsequent Appointment – $100.00

F111 Muscle Testing – $60.00

F114 Range of Motion Study – $60.00

F117 Gait Analysis – $60.00

F221 Custom Orthotic (Single) – $330.00


All Other Health Funds:

F014 Subsequent Appointment – $100.00

F118 Biomechanical Assessment – $120.00

F303 3D Laser Orthotic Scan – $60.00

F221 Custom Orthotic (Single) – $330.00



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