How much do Orthotics Cost in Perth?

How much do Orthotics Cost in Perth?

Cost of orthotics in Perth

Orthotics are devices worn inside the shoes to correct biomechanical abnormalities and relieve foot pain and fatigue. Orthotics in Perth can be ‘off the shelf’ which is a pre-made device with no special modifications to suit the individual. Custom made orthotics on the other hand are specially designed and custom made to suit the individual’s foot type and function, as well as relieve and re-distribute pressure from painful areas. Custom made orthotics in Perth are prescribed by podiatrists who are suitably trained and qualified in design and fitting of orthotics.


Custom made orthotics Perth

Perth Podiatric Surgery uses the latest technology in 3D orthotic scanning to ensure the best precision in the final fit of the orthotics. At your appointment, a 3D image of both feet is captured and a biomechanical examination is undertaken including analysis of your gait and range of motion examination. Custom modifications are then made to your images and final prescription is prepared. Orthotics take approximately 7 days to be manufactured, at which time you will return for a fitting appointment.


Orthotics in Perth can be made to suit a variety of different type of shoes, from sneakers to sandals. They are made from semi-rigid polypropylene which is durable in nature and will generally last several years. We recommend your orthotics are reviewed on a yearly basis to maintain optimum function. Sometimes small changes need be made to maintain proper correction. Top covers can also be easily replaced through our practice as required.


The total cost of orthotics at Perth Podiatric Surgery is $850 which includes your biomechanical examination, 3D digital scanning, manufacture of orthotics, fitting appointment and review appointment. Occasionally, minor modifications need to be made following the fitting of your orthotics which is also included if required. Rebates are available from your health insurance fund which can be claimed on the day via HICAPS.


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