Heel Pain in Perth – What Treatments Are Available?

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Heel Pain in Perth – What Treatments Are Available?


People with longstanding heel pain in Perth walk into our Perth Podiatry practice everyday frustrated by their lack of improvement despite spending extensive time and money on treatment. By listening closely to our patient’s history and carrying out a thorough physical examination, we’re helping people all over Perth get back to the activities they love.


A condition called plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in Perth and can affect one or both feet. It is thought to be due to repetitive micro trauma at the region where the plantar fascia attaches into the heel bone. Most people experience pain during the first few steps in the morning, which worsens again after prolonged activity and upon rising from a seated position.



Research has shown that symptoms of heel pain resolve more quickly, when treatment for heel pain is started as soon as possible. The best place to start when first experiencing heel pain is with a trusted Perth Podiatrist who is experienced in treating heel pain in Perth. Your Perth Podiatrist will offer you a number of different treatments which may include changes to footwear, a stretching and strengthening regime, custom orthotics in Perth, manual therapies, shockwave therapy or night splints. They will tailor these treatments for heel pain in Perth to best address the cause of your onset of symptoms. For example, if you have flat feet and are standing and walking as part of your work, footwear changes and orthotics are likely the best place to start. Alternatively, if you have the onset of heel pain in Perth after starting a new exercise regime, footwear, training modifications and manual therapies may prove the best course of action.



When symptoms fail to improve despite consistency with treatment prescribed by your Perth Podiatrist, it may be time to see someone who specialises in the surgery for heel pain in Perth. Usually, a course of 6 months of non-surgical care is an appropriate timeframe to then consider surgical management, however if symptoms are worsening or it is affecting your work and daily life, early referral to a Perth Podiatric Surgeon may be warranted.


Foot surgery in Perth for heel pain can be performed through a small portal incision at the heel area and sometimes a live X-ray machine is used to guide the Perth foot surgeon. Weight bearing is permitted immediately afterwards on the day of surgery, however should be limited to allow optimal healing. Local anaesthetic is used to keep the foot numb for several hours afterwards and often until the next day. The procedure can also be performed under general anaesthesia or with sedation if required. The majority of our patients undergoing surgery for heel pain in Perth experience very minimal discomfort afterwards, however all our patients are supplied with adequate pain relief in the event that there is some pain after surgery. Once the incision site has healed, patients undergo rehabilitation with trusted Perth podiatrists to work on strengthening, range of motion and other soft tissue modalities.


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