Here is a selection of some of our most common questions we get asked by our patients to help you find out more about some foot problems.

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What are the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis?

Patients with this condition typically describe pain in their heel, worse during the first few steps in the morning which decreases after warming-up, and may recur after periods of prolonged standing or activity.

The assessment of heel pain by a qualified podiatry specialist is important in order to determine the exact cause of the patient’s symptoms to help guide treatment options.

What is the treatment for Tailor’s bunion?

Both non-operative and surgical podiatry treatments are available for patients with Tailor’s bunion.

Patients who suffer from this problem should have it assessed by our foot specialist who can advise on the most appropriate treatment option, which will depend on the degree of the deformity, quality of the bone and joint, and general health of the patient.

What is the treatment for ingrown toenails?

Treatment for ingrown toenails will depend on the severity of the problem, previous history of the condition and general health of the patient.

A minor surgical procedure is often provided to permanently correct the nail shape in patients who have experienced recurrent ingrowing toenails.

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