Foot Surgery In Perth for Hallux Rigidus

Foot Surgery In Perth for Hallux Rigidus

Foot Surgery in Perth for Hallux Rigidus

Hallux rigidus essentially means arthritis of the big toe joint which results in progressive pain and sometimes bony deformity. There are a number of different factors which may cause hallux rigidus including previous injury, osteoarthritis or inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, or foot deformity.


Signs and Symptoms of Hallux Rigidus in Perth

Most people with hallux rigidus present with pain upon movement of the big toe joint. It often starts becoming sore during strenuous exercise, then as the arthritis in the joint progresses can become sore from walking and pressure from footwear. Some people will develop bony lumps around the joint which can make wearing footwear difficult. Sometimes pain under the second toe can develop due to changes in foot mechanics resulting in overload pressure at the second toe.


Diagnosis of Hallux Rigidus in Perth

Investigation for big toe joint pain first starts with an X-ray to assess the joint and determine the level of arthritis present. The health of the joint can be graded on a scale from 0-4. The common signs of hallux Rigidus seen on x-ray include, narrowing of the joint space, extra bony growth around the joint and damage to cartilage. X-rays can be performed on site on your day of appointment at Perth Podiatric Surgery so treatment options can be made available to you straight away.


Foot Surgery in Perth for Hallux Rigidus

In the intial stages of the problem, a procedure can be performed to essentially ‘clean up’ the joint. This involves the removal of excess bone that is limiting motion. Depending on the joint quality, sometimes this procedure can be performed through a keyhole incision, meaning healing times are reduced. Please click here for information on the chilectomy procedure for hallux rigidus


In cases where arthritis has progressed significantly, the most effective way to reduce pain associated with the condition is to fuse the big toe joint (arthrodesis). This is done by first preparing the bone, then using a special surgical plate and screws to hold two ends of the bone together. The procedure permanently stiffens the big toe joint, preventing movement and therefore preventing any pain associated with movement.


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