Flat Feet? Orthotics are not your only option…

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Flat Feet? Orthotics are not your only option…

Misalignment of the feet can not only result in foot pain and discomfort but a pain in areas such as the ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Unfortunately, often when problems arise in other parts of the body, pain relief is targeted at this area and little importance is given to identifying the underlying cause of misalignment.


The crucial joint in the foot that allows excessive collapse or rolling in is called the sinus tarsi which lies between the ankle and the heel bone. Misalignment occurs when there is a loss of stability and subsequent collapse of the sinus tarsi space.

Flat Foot X-ray

Flat feet are most commonly treated with arch support or orthotics, which are certainly beneficial for many people with issues related to misalignment, however, orthotics act as a supportive device and are not corrective in nature. We can compare orthotics for a person’s feet as similar to wearing glasses for the eyes. Although they are beneficial while being worn, when glasses are removed there is no longer any benefit, and the person will have just as much trouble seeing as they did beforehand. Similarly, orthotics will not correct the foot’s position or fix the problem of having flat feet.

HyProCure Foot Surgery Perth

So, what can be done for people who do not benefit from non-surgical treatment? Foot Surgery is a simple and effective solution to stabilise the hind foot using a special implant called HyProCure, that is about the same size as a paperclip. The implant is placed into the sinus tarsi which prevents the joint from collapsing during walking. The HyProCure implant still allows a normal joint range of motion and offers a long-term solution to misalignment of the feet with a removal rate of less than 10% found through extensive evidence-based research. The implant can be used in both adult and paediatric patients with most being able to weight bear on their feet the same day. The procedure can be reversed if required with the simple removal of the implant with no subsequent damage or impact on the foot’s structure or function.

Other procedures designed to address flat feet involve multiple screws being placed through the heel and midfoot bones with some joints of the foot requiring fusion. These procedures are irreversible and come with a long recovery process and much higher complication rates. Unfortunately for some patients, this is the only solution offered and many will continue to try non-surgical treatments with ongoing discomfort.

Dr Andrew Knox performs surgery for flat feet using HyProCure implantation in Perth, WA. Not everyone will be an ideal candidate for this procedure. Consultation is recommended to discuss your medical history and individual needs. Click here for more information on HyProCure.

Perth Podiatric Surgery offers the most up to date minimally invasive and traditional foot surgery techniques, including the HyProCure Solution. For a specialist consultation with Dr Andrew Knox call 9383 3851 or book online.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for general information purposes only. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.