Subungual Exostosis Surgery

Subungual Exostosis Surgery Perthsubungual exostosis surgery perth

What is a Subungual Exostosis?
Subungal exostosis is a common, often misdiagnosed condition affecting the toe which causes progressive discolouration, lifting and thickening of the nail over time. In this problem, a bony spur develops underneath the toenail which causes pressure on the overlying nail and results in changes in appearance over time. Subungual exostosis surgery in Perth involves shaving of the bony spur and repairing the damaged nail bed. New nail growth takes between 3-6 months and this is generally monitored by the surgeon at regular intervals to ensure that normal progress is being achieved. Subungual exostosis surgery can lead to a significantly improved cosmetic appearance of the toenail, and avoid further degeneration.


Indications for subungual exostosis surgery:
•    Painful toe/toenail secondary to the spur
•    Difficulty wearing enclosed shoes
•    Progressive nail dystrophy secondary to the underlying spur


Aims of subungual exostosis surgery:
•    Reduce pain and deformity
•    Prevent further nail damage



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