Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

Plantar Fasciitis Surgery Perthplantar fasciitis surgery perth

Free your feet from debilitating heel pain!
The partial plantar fascia release procedure offers a low-risk and effective surgical treatment option for plantar fasciitis which has not responded to standard care. Plantar fascia surgery is performed as day surgery in Perth under local or general anaesthesia and takes approximately 15 minutes. A small incision is made on the instep of the foot, and the tight band of the plantar fascia is identified and released. Patients are usually permitted to weightbear immediately after surgery and return to normal activities within a few weeks. The treatment is usually definitive, and patients may experience relief of plantar fasciitis symptoms shortly after surgery.


Indications for plantar fasciitis surgery:
• Heel pain from plantar fasciitis which has otherwise been unresponsive to standard non-surgical care


Aims of plantar fasciitis surgery:
• To decrease pain associated with the condition by releasing the tight medial/central plantar fascia band


This website is intended for general information purposes only. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 

For more information on plantar fasciitis surgery in Perth, we recommend making an appointment to see our specialist podiatric surgeon Dr. Andrew Knox.