Hammertoe Surgery

Hammertoes are a common complaint that respond well to surgical intervention on the whole. They are commonly associated with bunion deformities, but may also occur secondary to tendon imbalances which occur in flat feet and high-arch feet, and in cases of injury. Hammertoes can affect people of all ages, and at Perth Podiatric Surgery we are able provide treatment of deformity at any stage of this condition including in infants in conjunction with a specialist paediatric anaesthetist.


Many patients with this condition delay presentation to a specialist until their problem is well established, however the treatment and prognosis of hammertoes is better at an early stage when the deformity is still relatively flexible. At early stages of the condition, an isolated tendon release procedure called a flexor tenotomy can be performed under local anaesthesia or IV sedation. This is a very minor procedure and recovery is quick, usually just taking several days for most patients.

As hammertoes become more rigid and contracted, surgery usually has to be directed at the bone and involves straightening of the toe by cutting and re-aligning (osteotomy or arthroplasty) or fusing (arthrodesis) the middle toe joint. In cases of severe hammertoe deformities where the toe has become significantly retracted and dislocated at the base joint (metatarsophalangeal joint), an osteotomy of the metatarsal bone is usually performed at the same time to bring the toe back into alignment.

The procedure we perform at Perth Podiatric Surgery is considered to be minimally invasive, and involves the insertion of a small intra-medullary implant into the middle toe joint which integrates into the bone and keeps the toe permanently straight. It allows a reduced healing timeframe compared with standard operative technique (k-wire) and also helps to reduce the risk of post-operative complications such as non-union, loss of alignment, and pin-tract infection.

We have performed this procedure extensively with good success. For further information on minimally invasive hammertoe surgery in Perth, please refer to our website dedicated to this unique approach: https://www.1300keyhole.com/hammertoe


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