Midfoot Arthritis Surgery

Midfoot Surgery Perthmidfoot surgery perth

Modern Technique, Faster Patient Recovery
Our podiatric surgeon Dr Andrew Knox performs surgical treatment in Perth for conditions affecting the midfoot resulting from injury, flat foot deformity and neurological conditions. A range of modern techniques are employed including ostectomy (bone shaving), osteotomy (bone alignment correction) and arthrodesis (bone fusion). For correction of arch collapse, we utilise gold standard AO plate fixation which significantly reduces the downtime after surgery in comparison with traditional surgery techniques. Patients may be permitted to weightbear immediately post-surgery and generally return to activities 50% faster in comparison to more traditional approaches which generally require lengthy periods of non-weightbearing.


Indications for midfoot surgery:

•    Collapse of the arch of the foot
•    Pain in the midfoot, secondary to degenerative arthritis or flat feet
•    Failure of conservative care e.g. orthotics, custom footwear, braces, steroid injections


Aims of midfoot surgery:
•    Relieve pain associated with the condition
•    Prevent further deformity of the foot
•    Allow a return to normal shoes

midfoot surgery perth

This website is intended for general information purposes only. All surgical procedures carry risk.

For more information on midfoot surgery in Perth, we recommend making an appointment to see our specialist podiatric surgeon Dr. Andrew Knox prior to making decisions about your health care.