HyProCure Procedure

Flat Feet? Orthotics are not your only option…

Who would benefit from Hyprocure flat feet surgery?

Hyprocure Flat Feet Surgery Perth

The Hyprocure procedure can be considered for people with flat feet who have trialled conservative treatments such as orthotics and footwear modification without success. The Hyrpocure implant, which is smaller than the size of paperclip, is placed into the sinus tarsi and prevents the subtalar joint from collapsing during walking. Restoring better alignment to the foot can not only help treat foot pain, but also relieve associated ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain.


What are the advantages of the hyprocure flat feet surgery over more invasive surgical procedures?

Traditional flat foot surgery techniques involve multiple screws being placed through the heel and midfoot bones with some joints of the foot requiring fusion. These procedures are irreversible and are associated with a longer recovery process and greater risk of complications. In contrast, Hyprocure flat feet surgery allows the motion of the foot to be altered, without any cuts of the bone being required. The implant can be used in both adults and children with flat feet, with most being able to weight bear on their feet the same day of surgery. The procedure can be reversed if required with simple removal of the implant with minimal damage or impact on the foot’s structure.


How is the hyprocure flat foot correction performed?

A small incision is made on the outside of the ankle just above the sinus tarsi. The soft tissue overlying the area is then dissected to expose the sinus tarsi. Using live X-ray guidance (fluoroscope), the implant is then placed into the sinus tarsi, ensuring correct position on X-ray. The soft tissue and skin is then closed in layers.


What is the recovery from the hyprocure procedure?

Initially, patients are generally allowed to weight bear straight after surgery in a CAM walker (moonboot), before transitioning back to a supportive sneaker between 2 to 4 weeks post-surgery. A period of rehabilitation for 4-6 weeks after surgery is required involving range of motion exercises, progressive foot loading and strengthening will provide the best long-term outcomes for patients undergoing the Hyprocure procedure.


This website is intended for general information purposes only. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. For more information on Hyprocure flat feet surgery in Perth, follow the link to make an appointment to see our specialist podiatric surgeon Dr. Andrew Knox.


Video illustration of technique: