Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts are common in the foot and ankle and typically occur at sites of tendon injury, or joint pathology such as a cartilage defect or bony spur. They are also common in the wrist, and patients who develop a ganglion cyst in their foot often have a history of similar cysts elsewhere.


A range of treatment options are available for this condition at Perth Podiatric Surgery, and our specialist podiatric surgeons will assess you in conjunction with imaging such as ultrasound or MRI to determine the most appropriate management for your condition. Typical treatment of an acute ganglion may involve aspiration of the fluid from the cyst in conjunction with injection of cortisone into the area. This is a simple office-based procedure we can usually offer on-the-spot at our practice under local anaesthesia.


In some cases, patients may experience recurrent ganglion cysts which are painful or unsightly. For these cases, surgical excision of the ganglion cyst can be performed within hospital under IV sedation or general anaesthesia to offer a more permanent solution for treatment. This procedure is relatively straightforward and usually involves excision of the cyst, and cauterisation of any vessels which may be associated with the cyst, or repair of any underlying tendon tear or spur.

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