Frieberg’s Disease

Frieberg’ disease is a painful condition affecting the 2nd metatarsal bone which results in progressive degeneration of cartilage at the joint surface, increasing stiffness in the toe, and deformity. It may result from direct injury to the joint, or from a problem with the blood supply in the bone itself. In most cases, the initial presentation is often delayed to a point where non-surgical treatments do not generally help and surgery is required.


Surgical treatment is performed based on the overall condition of the joint, including whether or not there are spurs present and the health of the cartilage. In early presentations, a clean-up procedure (ostectomy) of the joint to excise spurs may be performed with good success.


In cases where there is cartilage erosion present, an osteotomy is performed to remove damaged cartilage and decompress the joint so there is less pressure long-term.

In severe cases of Frieberg’s a synthetic cartilage graft (Cartiva) may be used to replace damaged cartilage, or complete resection of the metatarsal head may be required. Our specialist podiatric surgeons have extensive experience in specialist treatment of Friebergs disease and can assist you further following an assessment of your condition and imaging.

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