Podiatric Surgery

Perth Foot Surgery Procedures

This page contains links to information on the common foot surgeries performed by Dr Andrew Knox of Perth Podiatric Surgery. This information is intended for general information purposes only. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. For more information on the foot surgery services in Perth we offer, follow the link to make an appointment to see our specialist podiatric surgeon Dr. Andrew Knox

Why Choose Us?

  • Perth Podiatric Surgery is a leading provider of specialist Perth foot surgery services in Western Australia.
  • We emphasize an honest approach to patient assessment and treatment of all foot and ankle problems, no matter how straightforward or complex the problem may be.
  • We understand that the prospect of undergoing surgery can often be quite a daunting and complex process, and for this reason every facet of our practice has been set-up in order to simplify the patient journey, and reduce unnecessary stress.


Our specialist Perth Podiatric Surgeon Dr Andrew Knox is highly skilled in performing elective and reconstructive foot surgery, and has excellent bedside manner. He is considered to be a leader in the growing speciality of Podiatric Surgery in Australia due to his use of modern evidence-based techniques that provide superior outcomes, and promote a faster recovery over traditional approaches. Follow this link to read Dr Knox’s full biography.

At Perth Podiatric Surgery, we often see patients who have been advised that there are no other treatment options available for their condition, and have invested significant time and money into failed treatment with another practitioner. Early assessment and intervention from a foot surgeon can help to significantly reduce time and cost from other treatments, and resolve foot pain and disability. We recommend making an appointment to see Perth Podiatric Surgeon Dr. Andrew Knox to discuss your needs further.


Podiatric Surgery Training in Australia

Podiatric surgery is a specialist field in the podiatry profession involving the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the foot, ankle and related lower extremity structures.  Specialist training programs in podiatric surgery take 3 years of full-time equivalent work to complete. Prior to applying for a surgical training position, a practitioner must have completed a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in podiatric medicine and must be registered as a podiatrist with the Podiatry Board of Australia. After 2 years of working in general practice, podiatrists who meet the eligibility requirements are then able apply for entry into a surgical training course.

The selection process for a training position is competitive and there are only several new positions availability nationally each year. At present time, the total number of podiatric surgeons registered nationally (31) proportionally accounts for less than 1% of the total population of registered podiatrists practicing in Australia (~4600).


The title of podiatric surgeon is protected in Australia under the National Law, and podiatric surgeons are recognised as registered specialists by the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) in the same light as medical specialists and dental specialists. In order to practise as a podiatric surgeon in Australia practitioners must meet registration standards as defined by the National Law and the Podiatry Board of Australia. A copy of the current registration standards can be found here.

Training programs to become a podiatric surgeon in Australia are assessed and accredited by an independent organisation named the Australian and New Zealand Podiatry Accreditation Council (ANZPAC). The Doctor of Clinical Podiatry degree provided through the School of Surgery at The University of Western Australia is an approved program of study to become a podiatric surgeon in Australia.

Podiatric Surgeon’s Fees and Private Health Insurance Rebates

Rebates for patients having foot surgery performed by Dr. Andrew Knox are available via private health insurance and vary depending upon the health fund and level of cover.

Patients may be eligible to receive rebates on the podiatric surgeon’s fee, hospital theatre and accommodation fee, implants used during the surgery, and the anaesthetist fee.

At the time of consultation we are able to provide patients with written quotations for their proposed surgery and information on how to claim.


Generally, you will be required to make full payment of all fees prior to your surgery when it is performed within a hospital or day surgery centre.

You will be given a printed estimate of your surgery costs at the time of consultation.  This estimate will list the item number/s and costs associated with your procedure. The item number/s will either be a 3 digit code (for certain podiatry procedures) or a five digit code (for certain hospital-based procedures).

The codes should be provided to your private health insurance fund for claiming purposes.



We accept all bank debit cards, credit cards, cash and cheques.


Please note:

Failure to pay your surgeon’s account by the due date will result in your surgery being rescheduled or cancelled.


Your anaesthetist will send you a separate account for their services.  This account is claimable through your private health insurance fund.

If you have any queries regarding your anaesthetist’s fees, please contact them directly on 6380 1447. Procedures performed under local anaesthesia do not attract an anaesthetist fee.



Your hospital costs consist of a bed fee and operating theatre fee.

The out-of-pocket expenses of admission to hospital will vary depending upon whether you have private health insurance and what level of cover you have. We recommend that you contact your private health insurance fund to confirm what hospital coverage you have.

Patients with private health insurance are also required to pay any gap (out-of pocket expense) prior to admission. Again, if you have any queries regarding hospital expenses, please contact the hospital directly. Please Note:

You may incur additional fees related to your surgery. These additional costs may include pathology, radiology and pharmacy.



All specimens are sent for examination and evaluation to an accredited pathology laboratory. A fee is payable to the laboratory for this service.

We recommend that you contact your private health insurer prior to your surgery to determine your rebate for podiatric surgery procedures.