Dr Andrew Knox

Dr Andrew Knox
Specialist - BPodM, DClinPod, FAAPS

Dr Andrew Knox, Podiatric Surgeon

Andrew Knox is a Western Australian podiatric surgeon who specialises in performing minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery. He previously completed a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine and a Doctor of Clinical Podiatry at the University of Western Australia and is a member of the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons (ACPS).

Andrew has an active interest in sharing knowledge and educating others, having performed various teaching roles in both the podiatry and podiatric surgery courses throughout the past decade. In clinical practice he is focussed on delivering the best possible outcomes to patients and uses modern evidence-based approaches to condition evaluation and surgical treatment planning.

Andrew established Perth Podiatric Surgery in 2015 with a vision of delivering a highly-specialised service that was focussed on patient experience. The practice has since grown to become the largest specialist podiatry service Australia-wide, now hosting 3 podiatric surgeons and 2 podiatrists who work collaboratively when delivering in patient care.

One area of practice that has set Andrew apart from competitors is in the provision of minimally invasive “keyhole” bunion surgery, which he performs routinely and has been doing since 2018. This highly-specialised technique has been shown to have many potential benefits for patients including smaller incisions, less pain and higher levels of patient satisfaction in comparison with traditional surgery techniques which are still widely performed in Australia. To verify the outcomes of this technique, in 2022 Andrew published an original research article in the Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association documenting results of 169 operations which showed 95% of patients achieved excellent correction from this technique. The study is considered the second largest worldwide on this procedure at present time.

Our practice is located within Cottesloe Medical Centre and is equipped to cater for the needs of all patients. Regardless of your condition, health status, or funding, we will ensure that your experience with our practice is as professional as possible. No referral is required in order to book an appointment to see our specialist however we accept referrals from GPs, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists. Private health insurance rebates are available for all of our services.


  • Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine, The University of Western Australia
  • Doctor of Clinical Podiatry, The University of Western Australia

Professional body affiliations:

  • Member, Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons

Research & Media Publications

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