Custom Made Orthotics For Heel Pain in Perth

Custom Orthotics Perth

Custom Made Orthotics For Heel Pain in Perth

Custom Made Orthotics for Heel Pain in Perth

Custom made orthotics are prescribed by Perth podiatrists every day for a number of different foot, ankle and lower limb problems. Podiatrists are university trained health professionals who assess, diagnose and treat all types of foot and ankle pain, as well as mechanical pain of the back, hips and knees as a result of altered foot mechanics.


What are custom made orthotics in Perth?

Most people have seen generic orthotics or shoe inserts which are often sold in pharmacies, sports stores and sometimes even supermarkets, however proper custom made orthotics are only prescribed by podiatrists. Orthotics are a pair of devices worn inside the shoes which can reduce pressure, provide cushioning, correct faulty foot mechanics and offload painful areas of the feet


How are orthotics in Perth made?

Making a custom pair of orthotics in Perth first requires a 3D digital scan of both feet using specialized equipment. A customized prescription is then completed by the podiatrist which takes into account how much correction is needed, the material, areas of cushioning and offloading and shape/fit depending on the type of footwear the orthotics will be worn in. Orthotics are extremely versatile essentially no two pairs will be the same!


How do orthotics help with heel pain in Perth?

Orthotics are often one of the first lines of treatment when fixing heel pain when biomechanical problems are involved. This is usually along with stretching and strengthening and footwear modifications. Orthotics work to correct malalignment of the foot, ankles and knees, thus reducing associated tension on areas of the heel. Orthotics also help to activate something called the ‘Windlass Mechanism’ which is an integral part of normal foot function.


What other foot problems in Perth can orthotics help with?

Orthotics can help with other foot problems such as Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s Neuroma, bursitis, foot ulcers and recurrent stress fractures. They can also help with other lower limb issues such as medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints), patellofemoral pain syndrome, ilio-tibial band syndrome, Osgood Schlatter’s disease and mechanical pain of the hips and lower back.


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