Cartiva for Hallux Rigidus

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Cartiva for Hallux Rigidus

Preserve motion, avoid fusion!

The Cartiva implant is a revolutionary approach in modern foot surgery techniques and is now widely used throughout the world for treatment of conditions affecting the big toe joint. Hallux rigidus, also known as hallux limitus, is a painful foot condition in which arthritis develops within the big toe joint. The condition can be likened somewhat to osteoarthritis of the knee or hip joints, where the condition usually worsens with time and often eventually involves surgery being undertaken to reduce pain and improve overall function.

Where non-surgical interventions have failed to relieve pain associated with toe joint arthritis, the Cartiva provides a means to restore movement to the joint, reducing poor foot loading patterns and pain. The implant acts in a similar way to natural joint cartilage, and is placed inside the joint after damaged cartilage and bone spurs have been removed.

The Cartiva procedure takes on average 30 minutes to perform, with minimal downtime compared with traditional more invasive methods such as joint fusion. Patients are able to weight bear in a special provided sandal immediately after the procedure, with close monitoring in the period following surgery by a dedicated team of health professionals.

Rehabilitation is important to obtain optimum results following a Cartiva implant. Exercises will be prescribed to you within two weeks of your procedure, and these will continue to be progressed as your strength, function and big toe joint movement continue to improve.

If your big toe joint pain is making it difficult to walk, exercise, or fit into shoes, the team at Perth Podiatric Surgery is here to help. Perth Podiatric surgery is proud to offer the Cartiva procedure, along with a range of other procedures to address big toe joint arthritis. Contact us today for more information, or book an appointment online with our specialist to see if you are a suitable candidate.

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