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Dr Andrew Knox


On-Site Radiology & Day Procedures Area

Perth Podiatric Surgery is a specialist Perth podiatry practice run by Podiatric Surgeon & Podiatrist Dr Andrew Knox. Our state-of-the-art practice provides non-surgical and surgical treatment for foot and ankle problems including on-site radiology, 3D scanning technology for custom made orthotics, rehabilitation services for foot and ankle injuries, and podiatric surgery including a variety of keyhole foot surgery procedures.

Rest assured you will be in safe hands under the care of Dr Knox who has had extensive experience in the industry over the past decade both locally, and abroad in Shanghai and the USA. Appointments can be made online through our website. No referral is required and private health insurance rebates are available.

Specialist Podiatry & Foot Surgery

Podiatric Surgery in Perth

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We offers specialist surgical including keyhole bunion surgery, morton’s neuroma surgery, keyhole hammertoe correction, hallux limitus surgery and in-grown toenail surgery. Operations may be performed within a variety of settings including private hospitals, day surgery facilities, and within our offices.

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Adult Podiatry Services in Perth

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We offer specialist non-surgical and surgical treatment for adult foot and ankle problems such as bunions, arthritis, flat feet, toe deformity, ingrown toenails, heel pain, corns and callus and fungal nail infection.

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Children’s Podiatry Services in Perth

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We offer treatment for all child and infant foot and gait problems including flat feet, ingrown toenails, curly toes, accessory navicular bones, painful os trigonum, tarsal coalitions, metatarsus adductus and other congenital foot deformities.

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Custom Made Orthotics In Perth

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Our practice uses the latest 3D laser scanning technology to take impressions for custom made orthotics. This allows for a more accurate, comfortable device that is less bulky and easy to fit into your shoes. Orthotics can be prescribed for a variety of different foot, ankle and postural problems.

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Fungal Nail Laser Treatment in Perth

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Fungal Nail Laser treatment in Perth is an effective solution for onychomycosis, with no downtime and no adverse side-effects. We offer patients treatment with a class-4 medical grade Nd:Yag laser which generates controlled heat to destroy the nail fungus.

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