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Dr Andrew Knox


Perth Podiatric Surgery is a leading foot surgery practice located in Perth which offers specialist opinion and surgical treatment of foot and ankle problems.

Our Podiatric Surgeon Dr Andrew Knox has trained extensively within Western Australia and internationally in Shanghai and the USA. He performs a variety of modern and minimally-invasive approaches that offer a significantly faster recovery over traditional foot surgery techniques.

I had to travel 1800km to meet a Doctor who would have to perform a miracle to fix my foot.

Perth Foot Surgery Services

Podiatric Surgery

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Perth Podiatric Surgery is a leading provider of specialist foot surgery and offers solutions for a range of foot and ankle conditions including keyhole bunion surgery, morton’s neuroma surgery, keyhole hammertoe correction, hallux limitus surgery and in-grown toenail surgery. Operations are performed within private hospitals, day surgery facilities, and also at our dedicated surgical facility.

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Adult Foot & Ankle Problems

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Our foot surgeon provides specialist opinion and surgical treatment for adult foot and ankle problems including bunions, heel pain, morton’s neuroma, in-grown toenails, arthritis, acute injuries, fractures, and tendon problems.

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Children’s Foot Problems

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Our foot surgeon treats a variety of children’s foot problems including hyprocure flat foot correction, ingrown toenails, curly toes, accessory navicular bones, painful os trigonum, tarsal coalitions, metatarsus adductus and other congenital foot deformities.

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Fungal Nail Laser

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Fungal Nail Laser treatment provides a fast and effective solution for onychomycosis, with no downtime and no adverse side-effects. Our Specialist Dr Knox was one of the first in Western Australia to start performing laser treatment in 2014, and has had many patients benefit from the new technique to date.

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